• Alex Recchia

    I’d like to party with Michael Pierre White, Dean Ween, and Joe Rogan. LEGO MI DEGO Italian is my bottom B! Brunello de Montalchino makes me Salivate!
  • Matthew Worgul

    I wonder what it would be like to party with The Real Brimstone, Steve Buscemi, and Gordon Ramsey. Hands down, Steak and Eggs and Chill!

  • Ryan McKinney

    I wonder what it would be like to party with Raoul Duke, Bobby Flay and Heather Graham.  Favorite foods are anything covered in Beurre Blanc or hollandaise sauce.  Craft beer and small batch spirits make me salivate.

  • Joel Macaluso

    I wish I had a DeLorean, with a flux capacitor, so I could go back in time and hang with Carl Ruiz, Babe Ruth, and Spuds MacKenzie. Favorite food is anything Italian and favorite beverage is a good bourbon. Besides food and beverages, playing keyboards and golf and enjoying a fine cigar make me salivate.

  • Matt Epstein

    I wish I could hang out with Elon Musk, Harold McGee and Jaques Torres. There is nothing better than a Waffle House #6- Steak and Cheese on grilled Texas Toast!

Alex Recchia

Matthew Worgul

Ryan McKinney

Joel Macaluso

Matt Epstein